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Behavioral and Educational Supports for Students, Schools, & Families

For 10 years ABC Consultants has provided excellence and expertise in service to infants, children, adolescents, and young adults with special needs, the educators that support them, and their families.

Best Practices within the fields of Applied Behavior Analysis, Special and General Education, School and Counseling Psychology, Clinical Social Work, Speech Language Pathology, Behavioral Pediatrics, and Positive Behavior Support provide focus for individualized intervention, teaching and treatment suited for the public or private school, home, community, and clinic.

School-based consultation, home and classroom programs, parent and staff training, and district-wide guidance, all provide models through which we can deliver ABA services for youths with social, emotional, and behavioral disorders, children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, students with chronic health problems, as well as those learners in General Education who benefit from supplemental educational, social, or therapeutic supports.

ABC Consultants advocates and practices social responsibility through our understanding of each student, school, family, district and community as requiring careful consideration of their individual, diverse, and specific circumstances. Our commitment to evidence-based assessment, research-validated intervention, and data-based evaluation is framed within a caring, compassionate, and empathic approach.

We focus on maximizing the student’s outcomes through collaboration, relationship- building, and team-involvement across educators, caregivers, community members, other professionals, and each individual we serve.

New Jersey




ABC affiliates with Center for Family Services in Camden NJ

ABC satellite office opened at Central Delaware Speech Language Pathology in Dover to provide clinic-, school-, and home-based supports throughout Delaware

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  1. Functional Behavioral Assessment

  2. Behavior Intervention Plans

  3. Academic Assessment & Tutoring

  4. Classroom Consultation

  5. Social Skills Groups

Home Consultation

Behavioral Parent Training

Toilet Training/Self-Help

Adaptive Daily Living Skills

VB/DT Intensive Instruction

School-wide PBS


Staff Training/PD/Workshops

Crisis Prevention/Intervention

BCBA/BCaBA Supervision